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Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Papageorgiou at the opening of a nightclub in Athenes

Last weekend, “Lohan” night club was opened in Athens. 30-year-old Lindsay Lohan, of course, could not miss the opening of the club in her honor. The star is also a co-founder of the club and a permanent guest star.

It was not without scandal! Lindsay wanted to greet the crowd, picked up the microphone and asked everyone to be quiet a minute, but nobody listened to the star. Everyone was shouting, talking and continued to dance. Angry Lohan decided to ask once again to stop talking and was using swear words...

"This is my club. All shut ***** (hell - Ed.). ", - The actress shouted from the stage.

That's not all: at the event, the actress was accompanied by club owner - Greek restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiou, who would not move a step away from her. Lindsay herself on her page on Instagram wrote that they had a good working relationship with Dennis. But paparazzi caught them kissing. Lindsay’s fans knew, right in that moment, this isn't friendship.

The pictures of Lohan kissing with her "friend" Denis Papageorgiou.

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