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Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with Irina Shayk at a party in California


According to insiders, the Hollywood actor and top model had a nice conversation until morning. 

Now California is hosting one of the most famous music festivals - Coachella. It was traditionally visited by a large number of stellar people. Among them was Leonardo DiCaprio. The 48-year-old actor attended a Neon Carnival party in the desert of the coastal town of Termal. At the event, DiCaprio ran into Irina Shayk. The 37-year-old top model came to the festival with close friends - designer Riccardo Tisci and model Stella Maxwell. You can see the photo in our Telegram channel. Fans noticed Irina and Leonardo on the dance floor together. According to insiders, the Hollywood artist and the top model had a nice conversation until the morning. DiCaprio and Shayk captured the moment he touched the model to help fix the earrings. Fans have already begun to vigorously discuss the possible romance of Irina and Leo. Can't be! She is too old for him.


He also chooses girls under 30 years old. Why not! A beautiful couple, but Irina does not look interested, said the users. Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio After the party, Irina was in a great mood. The model arranged a photo shoot in nature. The star made makeup with expressive black arrows. Shayk paired a black top with a plunging neckline with tight shorts and sandals.

Earlier, Irina became the heroine of the new shooting of Vogue magazine. The photo session was not without a loud scandal . In one of the frames, the model is captured along with a Doberman on the streets of New York. Animal rights activists are outraged by these pictures. Activists drew attention to the fact that the dog's ears were cut off. This procedure is done to Dobermans so that their ears grow vertically. The operation is banned in the UK.



Photo from Irina's social networks Photo from Irina's social networks Photo from Irina's social networks Photo from Irina's social networks

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