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Ksenia Borodina showed her hotel room in Dubai worth 95,000 rubles per night


Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov often go on trips with their entire family, but this time the stars decided not to take their children on vacation.

The couple flew to Dubai together this morning. The stars settled in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel, where rooms are distinguished by gorgeous sea views. Ksenia showed the apartment where she and her husband will spend the next few days.

Room of Borodina and Omarov includes a room with a spacious double bed, TV, bathroom and a large balcony from which you can watch the beach. It is noteworthy that the star couple had to pay a round sum for living in such apartments - one night in the spouses' room costs about 95,000 rubles. It is not yet known how long the lovers will spend in Dubai, but the past journey of Xenia and her family lasted just over a week.


Ksenia Borodina showed her room in a hotel in Dubai worth 95,000 rubles.

Recall that at the beginning of this month Borodina with her husband and two daughters Marusya and Teona were vacationing in the Maldives. The trip to the islands turned out to be intense - the TV star actively shared pictures and videos from the beach. However, it was not without troubles. For example, bicycles were stolen from Ksenia's children. The presenter noted that similar incidents occur regularly in the Maldives. According to the star, the fact is that the bicycles are the property of the hotel, so the guests shamelessly steal each other's vehicles. Borodin does not think this behavior is correct. “You come by bike with the expectation that you will return on it. And they keep spitting him all the time, ”the star explained. By the way, despite the fact that Ksenia actively showed photos of children and herself in the Maldives on social networks, there are practically no joint pictures with her husband on her microblog. Fans of the star even began to worry about a couple of Borodina and Omarov, but the host of Dom-2 reassured the audience. As Ksenia reported, the absence of Kurban in her microblog on Instagram does not mean that not everything is going smoothly between her and her husband.


Ksenia Borodina with Kurban Omarov and daughters

Note that in the past, the relationship between Ksenia and Kurban has undergone a serious crisis. The conflict between the spouses almost led to divorce. The reason for the quarrel was Omarov's infidelity. The discord occurred just a couple of weeks before the birth of the common daughter of lovers, Theona. Kurban stayed late at the party, after which Ksenia did not speak to him for three months. Later, the presenter stated that at that time she did not have enough experience and wisdom to cope with the problem better. In addition, the situation was worsened by the public in favor of the divorce. Despite this, Borodin was able to forgive her husband.

The couple reconciled, but last month rumors of treason on the part of Kurban began to gain momentum again. This time, Serbian erotic model Soraya Vuchelic turned out to be Omarov's imaginary darling. The alleged mistress of the star herself announced her affair with her husband Borodina. As evidence, the model provided photographs, as well as an engagement ring that Kurban allegedly gave her. However, Soraya later recanted her words.


Maroussia and Teona




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