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Kate Moss spends her vacation in Rome with her daughter Lila


Kate Moss spends her vacation in Rome with her daughter Lila

Now 47-year-old supermodel Kate Moss is on vacation in Rome. She went to rest not alone, but together with her 18-year-old daughter Lila Grace. They were  photographed yesterday by the paparazzi.

In public, Kate appeared in a long black dress - it seems that the Roman heat does not bother her at all. But her daughter chose a set that is more suitable for the climatic conditions - she appeared in public in a black crop top, a multi-layered mid-length skirt and clogs with heels.


Kate Moss with her daughter Lila Grace

Kate and Lila came to the Italian capital not only to spend their holidays - yesterday the daughter of the star, who followed in her mother's footsteps and is also making a career in the fashion industry, participated in the shooting for Fendi. Well, Kate could not leave her daughter without support, especially since she has extensive experience in the modeling business and for sure she has some useful advice for Lila. She recently recalled that early in her career, she faced intimidation in photo shoots, and said that young models are often pressured to pose undressed.

After several hours of work, Kate and Lila decided to relax in one of the Roman bars, where they were caught by the paparazzi.

Apparently, inspired by the shooting of her daughter and indulging in nostalgia, Kate asked Lila to photograph her too - Moss posed for her daughter on the balcony of the bar, and then she and Lila's friend had a fun evening all together.




Kate Moss with her daughter Lila Grace and her friend

Kate Moss gave birth to her only daughter from the editor of Dazed & Confused magazine Jefferson Hack. Lila began to conquer the model Olympus a few years ago, and last year she made her catwalk debut, taking part in the Miu Miu show, which took place in video format.



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