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Jennifer Lopez sang at the wedding of the oligarch's son in Crimea


The celebration cost $15 million, of which Jennifer Lopez paid $1 million. 

Recently, American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez announced that she is divorcing her third husband, Marc Anthony. However, problems in his personal life did not become a reason to refuse a tempting offer that came to the singer from Ukraine. Yesterday , Jennifer Lopez sang at the wedding of the son of an Uzbek oligarch, which took place in Crimea. Jennifer Lopez sang at the wedding of the oligarch's son in CrimeaThe American star was invited to perform at the wedding of the son of the Uzbek oil tycoon and millionaire Azam Aslanov, 33-year-old Amon, according to the online publication Today (Kiev) . According to rumors, she received $1 million for her performance.

The celebration took place in the Crimean boarding house "Aivazovsky" near Alushta, owned by Ukrainian businessman, co-owner of the corporation "Industrial Union of Donbass" Sergei Taruta. Therefore, at first there was information that Jennifer Lopez was going to the wedding of one of his daughters. However, surrounded by a businessman, this was denied. “I assure you that Taruta’s family is not having any weddings at the moment and the arrival of Lopez has nothing to do with Taruta’s daughters, ” deputy and longtime business partner of Taruta Igor Gumenyuk told KP in Ukraine .

In Aivazovsky, for the sake of the wedding, the entire staff was released for a week - from maids to cooks. The celebration was prepared by a company that specially organizes holidays. On the gate of the boarding house there is a sign with information that from July 17 to July 20, Aivazovsky will not work and receive vacationers. The newlyweds invited about 500 guests to the celebration. Some traveled by helicopter, and a helipad was prepared for them.

We decided to make a wedding in oriental style. A huge tent was installed on the territory of Aivazovsky, and the national Uzbek dance ensemble "Ofarin" from Tashkent was invited. They perform a medley of dances from different regions of Uzbekistan. The dancers, together with the workers of the Yalta-Intourist hotel, dressed in Ukrainian costumes, greeted the wedding guests with champagne. Jennifer Lopez


And in addition to Jennifer Lopez, more than 15 Russian stars were invited to entertain the guests: Baskov , Kirkorov , Zemfira , the Gorod-312, Mumiy Troll groups. The event was hosted by Comedy Club residents Alexander Revva, Timur Batrutdinov, Garik Kharlamov. The stars were accommodated in the largest hotel "Yalta-Intourist" (it also belongs to Tarut). The guests also live there.

Note that according to other Ukrainian publications, some of these stars came to Crimea not for a wedding, but for another party. According to representatives of the companies organizing the holidays, according to the most conservative estimates, such a wedding cost $10-15 million. And this is probably the most expensive wedding in the modern history of Ukraine. Jennifer Lopez, who arrived in Crimea on Tuesday at 5 am, brought with her a large group of backup dancers, backing vocals, make-up artists and 20 tons of sound equipment. They settled the superstar in a penthouse at the Villa Elena hotel, which is 100 meters from the embankment in Yalta. Such a number costs 32 890 UAH per day. The fighters of the State Protection Department guarded the overseas singer. The entrance of the hotel was occupied by the fans of the singer, but no one saw her. When she got into the limousine to go to the wedding, the exit was blocked by three vans. The charter flight from Simferopol with Lopez on board was supposed to leave at 23.00. 

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