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Inna and Yuri Zhirkov broke dishes in a restaurant in Dubai


The star couple celebrated the 13th anniversary of their marriage.

Inna Zhirkova let off steam, breaking a lot of plates. Photo: from the family archive of the stars. The other day, spouses Yuri and Inna Zhirkov celebrated a lace wedding - the 13th anniversary of marriage. The couple arranged a family holiday in Dubai, where the football player has training camps. For the celebration, a restaurant was chosen where guests can break dishes.

“I really wanted to break the plates for good luck and specially chose a Greek restaurant where they are allowed to do it - they have such a tradition. It's hard to say how many dishes we broke, but I got my head off, ”Inna says with a laugh. "It was a lot of fun, and after that we had a quiet festive dinner with friends in a small circle." It is known that the guests of the Zhirkovs at this party were Victoria Lopyreva and Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov, who were vacationing in sunny Dubai these days.


Guests of the Zhirkov family holiday. Photo: from the family archive of the stars.

MORE ON THE TOPIC Inna Zhirkova: “I don’t get any reprimands from my husband” The wife of the star footballer Yuri Zhirkov spoke about sports and family concerns. But the children of the heroes of the occasion could not attend, although they are also in the Emirates. They stayed with their grandmother, since according to the new UAE laws, more than seven people should not gather at one table, and it is specifically forbidden to come with small children to this restaurant.

According to Inna, she and her husband will have to celebrate the anniversary a second time - for the family circle. Children, by the way, prepared breakfast in bed for their parents in honor of the holiday.

“Every year we give each other love. My husband is at the training camp, and he physically does not have time to choose gifts, besides, he is not a very romantic person with me, but if I choose something, he will definitely give it, ”Zhirkova said. Recall that the couple signed on February 1, 2008 in Turkey, and a week later, on February 8, they got married in Moscow.


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