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“I feel at home”: Daniil Medvedev reunited with his wife and daughter in the USA after defeat by Novak Djokovic



Daniil Medvedev showed touching family photographs. The famous tennis player told how he feels in the USA. 

The 27-year-old athlete failed to beat world number two Novak Djokovic in the US Open final. Daniel was upset with his result. The athlete explained that the game took place on the wedding anniversary with his wife. Medvedev wanted to give a gift to his wife, Daria. However, Daniil did not succeed.

After the tournament, Medvedev was reunited with his beloved and common daughter, Alisa. The tennis player decided to relax with his loved ones. He showed touching photographs taken in an informal setting. In one of the frames, Daniil appeared in a sky blue polo and white trousers.


Daniil Medvedev reunited with his family Daniil Medvedev reunited with his family Social networks of Daniil Medvedev

Daria tried on a shimmering beige top, which she also paired with trousers. The girl let her hair down and put on natural makeup. The couple held their daughter in their arms. The little girl posed in a light dress with a bunny print and a red blouse. The famous tennis player rested with loved ones in New York.

The couple was also filmed in the gym. Daria emphasized her slender figure by trying on a short sweater and tight black leggings. Daniil looked at his wife lovingly, helping her hold Alice.

Medvedev admitted that he feels comfortable in another country. “Thank you for such a wonderful family vacation. I feel at home, away from it in New York,” said the tennis player.


The couple lead an active lifestyle.

Medvedev's fans left warm words for him and his loved ones. “Oh, Alice - mini-you! ", "Great family! Congratulations on an incredible play in the US open", "Alice has a sly and sweet smile, just like her father", "You're a great dude, Meddie. Never change", "One of the most authentic people I have ever seen and a wonderful gentleman", "Daniil, you are an amazing tennis player with an even more amazing personality!", "Dasha, Danya, congratulations on your 5th anniversary “, - followers spoke out.

After the game, Novak thanked his opponent . Respectful and warm relations were established between the tennis players. The Serbian athlete himself took part in the filming of a morning show in the USA and talked with fans. Victory at the Open Championship brought him a new status. Thus, Novak became a 24-time tournament winner. The 36-year-old tennis player is the oldest US Open champion . Daniil lost to Djokovic Daniil lost to Djokovic.


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