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"Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova no longer wears makeup and lives in Turkey": what does a model look like at 37?


Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova turned 37 in August last year and everyone wondered what Barbie Doll looks like under 40: just as fresh and fit, what she does and where she currently lives. And in general, many have become curious whether the real "Barbie Dolls" are aging or do they know some secret of youth and longevity?


It is worth noting that Lukyanova has a lot of ill-wishers who are trying to criticize her and look at her photographs almost under a microscope. Instead of admiration, the girl often gets a completely different reaction, but she doesn’t care and she answers the haters with the same coin :

To my surprise, most people choose the path of degradation. If they see a person who has caught fortune, they are ready to literally tear him apart. Especially often I see this in my comments on social networks.

Himan "Barbie Doll" Valery Lukyanova.


Of course, I'm still far from my own idea of ideal appearance, but I strive for athleticism ... It makes me very funny that girls and boys from sports groups write such nasty things about my body ... so much negativity ... sorry people .

Human "Barbie Doll" Valery Lukyanova.


According to the model, she inherited doll appearance from nature and the only detail that had to be adjusted was the chest, which the girl simply had to correct, otherwise the resemblance to Barbie would be incomplete. Everything else, as Lukyanova repeatedly stated, was given to her by genetics and the philosophy of life. Indeed, in addition to appearance, the artist earns with her spiritual views. She became so interested in studying the mysteries of the world that she even released her book "Astral Travel Amatue", in which she described in detail about her astral travels in 2012. She also periodically sells her esoteric courses, which are in demand.


But if you go back in time and take a quick look at the old pictures of Valeria, then you can conclude that the girl is very disingenuous about one single plastic surgery. On the right is a photo when the model received her first award in 2007 "Miss Diamond Crown", overtaking more than 300 beauties. In the picture, the girl was 22 years old and looked much older than the 37-year-old version on the left in the photo. Then, apparently, the artist did not have the funds for all her modifications and she appeared at the beauty contest not at all in the image of "Barbie Doll"


Later, it occurred to her to present herself to the world in the role of a human doll and her selfies became viral. But as you can see from the photo, for this she had to work on her figure, make mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, change the shape of the eyes, the oval of the face and correct the shape of the lips.


Currently, Valeria has already played enough of her "doll" image and switched to naturalness, almost without using cosmetics and daily choosing ordinary clothes without mini-skirts and an open neckline. She demonstrated her new image on a social network, marking Turkey as a new geolocation, where she now lives.


If you pay attention to her 37-year-old face, it looks just perfect: smooth, young skin, without bumps and a healthy complexion.


To be in shape, Valeria does not drink or smoke, she eats very little and at one time even practiced life without food, like some yogis. She also did not rule out the possibility of plastic surgery in the future, if required.

"Wise Thoughts" by Valeria Lukyanova 


The "doll" model is a spiritual coach and loves to learn foreign languages. She is married to businessman and childhood friend Dmitry Shkrabov. They do not have a child, since Valeria Lukyanova is an ardent "childfree" who simply does not even allow the thought of motherhood.

I honestly don't understand why we need children. Is that how much you have to be not me to decide that someone needs to be looked after? Actually, I'm used to being courted, and I, in turn, never court someone. Living with a child under the same roof and developing it is simply unthinkable for me. Yes, and I definitely would not live with children under the same roof, this is too difficult a test for such a sensitive lady as me. It genuinely revolts me that someone can even allow in their thoughts the fact that I decide to devote my life to any child. I decide to spend my divine energy, my valuable resources, just to bring someone into this world.

Living "Barbie Doll" Valery Lukyanov.



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