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Hugs on the beach: Morgenstern first showed romantic photos with 25-year-old sweetheart Liza Vasilenko


The rapper starred in the first photo shoot with the 25-year-old actress. 

The 25-year-old rapper first appeared in front of the camera lens along with Liza Vasilenko. Alisher arranged a paparazzi-style shoot. Liza appeared in a long tight pink dress. The girl was not wearing a bra. She wore her hair loose and put on light makeup on her face. Vasilenko combined the outfit with a golden handbag. The performer of the hit Cadillac appeared in a white shirt and trousers, as well as with a waist bag. The rapper completed the outfit with sunglasses and a watch.

The couple walked along the beach. Morgenstern photographed his beloved by the water. Then they went to a restaurant. Liza wore her hair in a bun. Friends joined the lovers.


The lovers posed in a restaurant 

Then Vasilenko and Valeev were filmed on the beach. The model undressed and appeared in a black bikini. Morgenstern looked at his beloved with a smile. Lisa clung to the chosen one, gracefully arching. s

Another location for shooting was the terrace. The lovers wore gray robes. Liza left it slightly open, showing off her panties. She brought out a cup of drink for herself and Alisher. The rapper got up from the deck chair, hugged Lisa and kissed her. “Legal paparazzi,” Morgenstern captioned the photos. Alisher and Liza did not hide tender feelings Alisher and Liza did not hide tender feelings Morgenstern's social networks


Star followers complimented the couple. However, it was not possible to avoid comparisons with the ex-girlfriend. “Very glad that Morgenstern is happy now . Sincere grateful love, it's a completely different feeling", "Dilara was a million times better", "Very beautiful, Dilara is also normal, but this girl is better", "Forgive me Dilara, but you look happy and I'm kind of calm" , “You found a dilara substitute”, “What difference does it make what they say around when their eyes are so shining with happiness”, “I love Dilara, but here you can directly feel the energy is different, light,” the followers said.


Morgenstern and Lisa chose to shoot in the style of the paparazzi Morgenstern and Lisa chose to shoot in the style of the paparazzi Morgenstern's social networks

The relationship between Morgenstern and Liza was discussed in May. Then the lovers were spotted on the beach in the United Arab Emirates. Dilara started an affair with blogger Rakhim Ibragimov.


Vasilenko put on a tight dress that emphasized her figure / Morgenstern's social networks

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