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Dan Balan returned to Ukraine, but not for Tina Karol


The famous singer pleased his fans.

Dan Balan returned to Ukraine, but not for Tina Karol. Dan Balan won the hearts of fans at the concert. 

The famous Moldovan performer Dan Balan, who was rumored to have affair with Tina Karol for a long time, is a popular personality in Ukraine. There are about a million followers on his official Instagram page, most of them Ukrainians. Also there are many fan accounts of Dan Balan.


On one of them, called fan_danbalan__, on December 26, posted  series of videos from the concert of Dan Balan. A man touchingly performs a number of compositions.


Followers left many comments, many of them were positive. "You can endlessly look at the falling snow and at Dan Balan!"; "Dan is beautiful, but give him a rest...4th day dances and sings...???", they say.

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