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Café de Flore: Paris in the spring

cafe de flore paris

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Spring in Paris! At this time, one of the most beautiful cities in the world blooms and changes. Air's getting fresh and fills Paris with a special flavor. The sky is bottomless and clear, and the sun shines brightly, caressing all the living that certainly extends to heat and light. After all, the sun shines for everyone! Parisians love this time of year, and they often make a walk along the river's bank or in the gardens of a luxurious city, or in the quiet old parks.

cafe de flore paris

But there are a lot of customers in the café. Although the city has a large number of cafes, which satisfy all the desires and claims, but there are those who particularly fascinate visitors. Boasting an intimate ambience and bright, modern comfort, Parisian cafes present an ideal spots for rest. Visitors of these cafes are attracted by warmth and comfort, as well as unusual interiors and, of course, unique cuisine, which secrets are kept and handed down from generation to generation. Citizens often come in their favorite cafe and spend precious time with a cup of coffee, with a newspaper and book in their hands, or with a cigarette in their mouths.

One of the most important places in Paris, of course, is considered the "Cafe de Flore", which is conveniently situated at the corner of Saint-Germain. The unusual name of the cafe came from the goddess Flora, whose statue is located on the other side of the boulevard. This cafe is considered a center of the art world. Cafe attracts Bohemians and famous people. And The Prix de Flore, a literary prize, which was established by the notorious writer Frederic Beigbeder, is awarded annually here.

cafe de flore

Once, in one of the serene spring evenings, I also decided to visit such a well-known café. My eye wandered to the splendid interior of the building, where the walls as well as the seats are made of mahogany in the "Art Deco" style and where the comfortable couches drawn up to each one invitingly.  I sat down on one of them. After a little while, when I got comfortable in the space, I noticed that all visitors are calm and focused. Each of them looked like a think-inside-the-box intellectual, who hate buzz and fun: someone spoke among themselves with a low voice, while others focused on reading the morning newspapers and drinking strong coffee.

I ordered a specials: boiled egg with a soft still warm baguette, a hot chocolate and a cake "macaroon". The young waiter brought me the order that was served on plate with a napkin and a cup with the logo of the cafe. I immediately felt the special atmosphere of this wonderful place.

cafe de flore paris

And when I picked up the spoon, my eyes suddenly slid into the right corner of the spacious and very bright room where young and cute visitor also just launched a meal. Judging by her straight back, as well as long and thin neck, I immediately realized that this girl was a ballet dancer. She was holding a cup of coffee with beautiful smooth gesture, and I saw her glance directed to small warm cake, which should had been eaten without unnecessary delay. But, after thinking some time girl with her thin delicate fingers picked up a few whole grain croutons from the bowl, put them in her mouth and took a sip of strong coffee.

I was the witness of the willpower of a young ballerina who resisted her small and very persistent temptation. She courageously left tasty dessert untouched, though it was obvious how she wanted to eat cake, fresh out of the oven. Having paid the waiter, dancer got up from a table and walked out from the cafe on a noisy street. A delicate pastry left untasted on a beautiful plate and coffee was still warm. And only a subtle fresh perfume filled the air, reminding me of beautiful stranger.

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