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British billionaire Alan Howard arranged a luxurious secret wedding in Italy


Alan, who is "worth" more than three billion dollars, married chef Caroline Byron. Entertained by Lady Gaga 

59-year-old British billionaire Alan Howard married 33-year-old chef Caroline Byron from the United States. The billionaire staged a luxurious private wedding on Lake Como in Italy, which cost him £10 million. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The villa was prepared for the celebration for a whole month, closed to the public. Guests were entertained with fireworks and a performance by singer Lady Gaga. Caroline Byron is a famous fashion chef, famous for her gluten-free recipes, owner of Simply Caro, and enviable fiance Howard, who became famous for his profitable investments. In 2008, London-based Brevan Howard Asset Management, founded by Alan Howard in 2003, became one of the most profitable asset management companies in the world. He is also the Conservative Party's largest donor and head of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group.


alan howard, caroline byron, wedding, lake como, billionaire, lady gaga Alan Howard and Caroline Byron wedding Photo: Getty Images There were quite a few celebrities at the wedding, including singer Pixie Lott, who got married earlier this month , and model Victoria Silverstedt with her next boyfriend. It is not known whether Princess Beatrice was at the celebration - she is a close friend of Caroline. It was Victoria who published several stories from the wedding, from which it became clear that the ceremony was luxurious.


alan howard, caroline byron, wedding, lake como, billionaire Alan Howard's wedding Photo: Screenshot alan howard, caroline byron, wedding, lake como, billionaire Guests were taken to the old villa Olmo by boat. The wedding itself was luxurious, but closed from prying eyes. Alan reportedly paid 1.3 million euros to close the 18th-century mansion and lakeside park for nearly a month. Locals and tourists were outraged. Alan and Caroline officially got married back in 2020, but it's unclear exactly when or where. It was also reported that they had a daughter. alan howard, caroline byron, wedding, lake como, billionaire


Caroline Byron with her daughter Photo: Social networks The billionaire is incredibly secretive and rarely appears on the pages of the tabloids. His chosen one is much more public person.

The wedding took place according to the Jewish rite. Half a million pounds were spent on flowers alone, and Lady Gaga's performance cost another three million, if you don't take into account how much her rider cost. In total, 250 guests attended the wedding. alan howard, caroline byron, wedding, lake como, billionaire, lady gaga Lady Gaga at Alan Howard's wedding Photo: Social networks alan howard, caroline byron, wedding, lake como, billionaire, lady gaga Alan Howard grew up in London, attended a Hasmonean grammar school for boys from Orthodox Jewish families, and received a master's degree from Imperial College London.


In 2014, Howard was ranked 53rd on the Sunday Times list of the richest Britons. Throughout his life, he gave only a few interviews, there are practically no pictures of him on the Web. It is known that he was married to a French woman named Sabina, the couple had four children.

In 2010, Pixie Lott received £25,000 for performing at the Bar Mitzvah of 13-year-old Daniel, Howard's son. In the same year, the billionaire hastily moved to Geneva, divorced five years later. And in 2017, without explaining the reasons, he returned to London. alan howard, billionaire british billionaire Alan Howard - secretive British billionaire Photo: social networks The businessman owns a number of properties in London, and in March 2008 he bought a spacious apartment near Central Park in New York for $11 million.


He was embroiled in a scandal over a $43 million Monet painting he bought in 2010 from a London art dealer, which was later revealed to have belonged to former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos and was stolen by her aide. Villa Olmo, where the mysterious billionaire got married, is a famous place and a local landmark.

It was built by the Marquis Innocenzo Odescalchi in 1797 and is decorated with sculptures by Francesco Carabelli. Napoleon Bonaparte and the Austrian emperors Franz II and Ferdinand I liked to relax in the villa. In 1924, the villa became the property of the city and is now used for cultural events and art exhibitions.

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