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"Black Panther" Naomi Campbell vs "Russian Cinderella" Kristina Romanova: the former and the present oligarch Doronin’s girlfriends are resting on one island

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"Black Panther" Naomi Campbell against "Russian Cinderella" Kristina Romanova: the former and the present oligarch Doronin’s girlfriends are resting on one island Former and present brides of oligarch Doronin: Kristina Romanova and Naomi Campbell have a rest on one island.

46-year-old Naomi Campbell and 22-year-old Kristina Romanova boasted of their stunning figures in a black bikini.

It's been a long time since a loud breakup of one of the famous supermodel with her Russian fiancé Vladislav Doronin. But fans of Naomi Campbell still remember that she was a frequent guest of the coolest parties of the capital. "Black Panther" almost relocated to Russia in order to be with her lover Vladislav Doronin.

Recall that the British fashion model of African-Jamaican-origin stole Russian billionaire from her previous wife. Tycoon had been living with wife Catherine Doronina, the mother of his 19-year-old daughter Catherine, before he met Naomi.

Yes, Doronin, who looks more like sex symbol than a businessman, had many affairs with the models. But there were not so serious. Campbell had been Doronin's fiancée for almost several years, preparing for a chic wedding with him. They met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, at the party of common friends. During their 5-year-old romance Doronin used to lavish gifts on celebrity: an engagement ring worth 200 thousand dollars, and a wedding dress from Dolce & Gabbana, estimated at 18.5 million dollars. The comparisons sake, according to the press, the billionaire paid $ 10 million to his wife for a divorce.

Fairy-Tale of Naomi ended in 2013, the year when it became known that the groom found a Chinese model, young enough to be Naomi’s daughter. Vladislav paid out the mansion in Barvikha estimated at $20 million and land around the mansion estimated at $ 120 million.

After some time the media found out the name of a new passion of Doronin. The model. And Russian. Today Kristina Romanova is called "Russian Cinderella" like Natalia Vodianova.

Beautiful leggy girl from Volgograd has not yet married Prince (King of development, - Ed.), But she has all the chances.

She managed not only to become a beloved of influential oligarch with a huge purse, but also to provide him with child.. Kristina Romanova began to appear together with Doronin at parties, then press noticed a weighty diamond ring on her finger, and rounded tummy of a young girl.

A month ago, the bride of 53-year-old Russian oligarch celebrated her 22th anniversary and went to Ibiza. Romanova prefers not to show her 6-month-old daughter on her page on the social network. But she's already boasting about how she got in shape after childbirth. Model looks so good, it would be a sin not to boast of figure in bikini somewhere at the luxury resort. For example, in Ibiza, slicing through the waves on a private yacht (probably belonging Doronin, - Ed.).

And somewhere nearby on the same Spanish island rests her colleague Naomi. Campbell is in great shape. And by the way, also in the same black bikini like Romanova. Beauties boasted of their stunning figures in bikinis, relaxing on an island. We can only guess if Mr. Doronin's watching. ...


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