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Anna Netrebko, who turned away from Russia, was kicked out of Germany


Anna Netrebko, who turned away from Russia, was kicked out of Germany

Despite the criticism of her native country, the opera diva is no longer wanted to be seen in many European countries. Activists advise Netrebko to go to America.

This year, 50-year-old singer Anna Netrebko has gone through several serious trials at once. An artist making a career in Europe, as Maria Shukshina aptly put it, fell between two chairs, finding herself a stranger both in Russia and in the West. For a long time, the opera diva did not speak out in any way about what was happening in Ukraine, which attracted the heat of a foreign audience. As a result, Netrebko nevertheless condemned the policy of the Russian Federation, but this seemed insufficient to many, and now the once favorite of the public is coldly received everywhere. In front of everyone: Anna Netrebko spread her legs right in a public place

On the eve of Anna Yuryevna's speech in Regensburg, Germany, it almost turned out to be thwarted. Local activists kicked Netrebko out of Germany with rags, believing that she did not repent enough for the actions of her native country. On the eve of the artist's performance at the festival, a rally was organized at the entrance to the concert venue.

“A group of about 30 people gathered in front of the entrance to the palace. They offered the opera star to sing somewhere in New York, ”says the local edition BR24 (quote from the TV Program).

Meanwhile, producers interviewed by journalists believe that Anna Netrebko will face an unenviable fate in Europe . According to, for example, Sergei Lavrov, the opera singer will not be left completely without work, but her fees will be greatly reduced. Recall that after the resumption of touring activities, Netrebko went to the south of the continent, where she was received well. However, in Germany and other countries of central Europe, the people are much more politicized, so the performer has a hard time.


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