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Alcohol, a destroyed dressing room and an insult to the country: why Zemfira's concert in Kazakhstan ended up with a loud scandal?

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The singer was accused of contempt.

Zemfira's concert in Kazakhstan ended with a loud scandal. The singer, recognized in Russia as a foreign agent, sang at the stadium in Astana. After the performance, Zemfira was not satisfied with the acoustics and sound. In the heat of anger, the performer so dispersed, insulting the organizers of the show, that she wrote the name of the country - Kazakhstan - with a small letter.

Later, the artist hastened to apologize - they say, she wrote in a hurry, not following the rules of punctuation. But Zemfira's followers did not fail to blame her for. Netizens massively write that they will never go to her concerts again.

“And yet, an unpleasant aftertaste from fasting, our people showed such respect and reverence, and you write Kazakhstan with a small letter. I'm sure everyone was sympathetic to the sound, since the arena is really intended for sports, and not for large-scale concerts. No one expressed their dissatisfaction out of respect and love for you. What can not be said about you, ”users wrote under the artist’s post with an apology.

The organizers of the show in Astana did not remain silent either. The organizer of the concert, Dana Ormanbayeva, said on social networks that Zemfira's management demanded a large amount of expensive alcohol in the rider backstage. After the concert, the organizers found a ruined dressing room: broken dishes, glasses and tablecloths thrown to the floor. Dana attached footage from Zemfira's dressing room to her posts. They show a mess, broken liquor bottles and a tablecloth with food on the floor.


“The artist, her guests and musicians were in the dressing rooms. For a long time. I want to post photos and videos of the artist's musicians' dressing room in Astana. We cannot specify who exactly committed this vandalism. In the morning Zemfira flew home,” wrote Dana.

The organizer of the show said that people in Zemfira's team "change with high frequency", which is why there is no good organization of work. Ormanbayeva also spoke about poor acoustics. In her opinion, the sound problems during the concert arose not because of the equipment settings, but because of the singer's weak-sounding voice.

“And now about the voice, and why many viewers complained in this particular aspect. That evening it was the voice itself, the man himself. That happens. The voice also gets tired, especially if you do not rest on time. And this factor must be taken into account. In no case do we condemn, on the contrary, we believe that what happened is not a crime at all. All of us can lose our voice even in ordinary life,” Ormanbayeva noted. 

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