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75-year-old Evgeny Petrosyan with his young wife in the Maldives


The comedian is resting on the islands with his young wife and one-year-old son 

Evgeny Petrosyan and his young wife Tatyana Brukhunova are resting in the Maldives. Unlike her husband, Tatyana willingly shares bright vacation pictures on Instagram, now and then showing off her figure in a swimsuit. Evgeny Vaganovich was in no hurry to share his vacation joys with followers. But finally he relaxed and decided to show how he was having a good time. Petrosyan posted on his page a photo in which he poses in an unbuttoned shirt and shorts. 


Photo: Instagram.

The young father (recall that Petrosyan's son Vagan is one year old) looks relaxed and peaceful. Apparently, the rest was good for him. In a marriage with Tatyana, the humorist became noticeably younger, became fit, and began to dress more fashionably. Followers discuss the stylish shirt of Petrosyan, his bright blue shorts and a multi-colored belt. Tatyana, a famous fashionista and a spender, clearly had a hand in her husband's wardrobe. Evgeny Vaganovich is one of the richest artists in the Russian show business, and even after his divorce from Elena Stepanenko, his fortune is estimated at billions of rubles. The comedian does not limit his beloved wife in spending, so Tatiana can afford any design things.

Until now, the star family had a rest in Sochi. A year and a half ago, the humorist's wife gave birth to a son, Vagan, and could not afford to take a long flight with such a little baby. But now baby Vagan has grown up, and Tatiana decided to go on a trip to exotic islands. On Instagram, Brukhunova admitted that she had been waiting for this vacation for two years.


Tatiana willingly shares bright vacation pictures on Instagram, now and then showing off her figure in a swimsuit. Photo: Instagram.

Evgeny Petrosyan and Tatyana Brukhunova became parents in March 2020. The couple hid the birth of the heir for a long time, until the satirist on the day of his 75th birthday boasted on Instagram a photo of the six-month-old Vagan. Petrosyan and Brukhunova got married in December 2019, just before the very birth of the child.

For the sake of relations with a young assistant, Yevgeny Petrosyan divorced his fourth wife Elena Stepanenko. The couple have been married for 32 years, they had a fruitful union both on stage and in life. Stepanenko and Petrosyan shared their jointly acquired property in court for a long time, and only recently completed the divorce proceedings. 

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