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Monica Bellucci on a walk with her daughters Deva and Leonie in Portofino


Monica Bellucci on a walk with her daughters Deva and Leonie in Portofino

Yesterday, the Italian paparazzi had the good fortune to photograph 56-year-old Monica Bellucci on a walk with her two daughters from Vincent Cassel. Reporters filmed the Hollywood star with 16-year-old Deva and 11-year-old Leonie as the family arrived in Portofino.

In fresh footage, Monica, Deva and Leoni get out of the car with their belongings, and then walk for a short time along the cozy streets of the coastal Italian town. At this point, they are also accompanied by several members of the staff. 


Monica Bellucci with her daughter Leonie 

During the walk, Leonie walked next to her star mother, holding her tightly by the arm. The girl was clearly in a good mood, smiled endlessly and looked with interest at the historical buildings. Deva walked slightly ahead of the whole company and seemed to be thinking about something of her own.

The eldest daughter of Bellucci and Cassel, who is now actively developing her modeling career, chose a stylish summer outfit in casual style for a walk: she was wearing a snow-white top and matching jeans. The girl's star mother appeared in public in her favorite image of total black.


Leonie and Deva Cassel

In recent months, Monica Bellucci has been busy filming "The Witch Comes at Night 2". At first they took place in Rome, and now, apparently, they have moved to Portofino. Although it is possible that the actress and her daughters came to the coast not for work, but to take a little breath and relax. The new film with the star is expected to be released at the end of 2021.


Monica Bellucci with her daughter Leonie

Leonie and Deva Cassel PHOTO


Oliver Palombi/MEGA/Mega Agency/East News 

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