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Svetlana Loboda signed over her house on Rublyovka to a security guard


Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, a native of the Kyiv region, in the spring hastily put her real estate, located in Russia, in other people's name. Now the permanent head of security Gadzhimurat Abdulaev helps the star in everything, he took over the functions of the manager. It was the security guard who, back in March, organized the transportation of the artist’s fleet to Belarus, and Loboda signed over the country house on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway to him. A three-room apartment in Moscow, which Svetlana inherited from her grandmother, is now in another person's name, the second_oldest telegram channel writes .

So far, the diva is in no hurry to sell the re-registered property, apparently, Loboda has not yet decided to completely break ties with Russia. In the Russian capital, she still rents a warehouse where she stores concert equipment. Svetlana is supported in everything by the "King of Duty Free" Artur Granz . According to , shortly before the special operation, the billionaire divorced his lawful wife.

Earlier, Life wrote that Loboda was on the alleged list of artists who were banned from entering the Russian Federation for 50 years . Stars opposed to Operation Z, in particular singer Nargiz Zakirova , fell under the restrictions . Later, information appeared that Loboda could return to work in Russia and give a concert in Vladivostok , but after several postponements, the event was canceled . 

Svetlana Loboda is a singer, designer, ex-soloist of VIA Gra, who represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2009. Now Svetlana is successfully building a solo career and raising two daughters. 

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