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Sedokova told how she equips her apartment worth 58 million rubles


A mother of three children is building a family nest with basketball player Janis Timma.

Anna Sedokova told how much she spends a month. Photo: Instagram. Recently, Anna Sedokova became the owner of a large apartment in a new building in the capital. The singer bragged about her real estate more than once, but did not say how much she had to pay for elite square meters. And now the artist named the amount in which the apartment cost her: 58 million rubles. She took out Sedokova's apartment on a mortgage, and now she pays 480 thousand a month for it.

In an interview with YouTube blogger Vasily Konov, Sedokova said that the 200-square-meter apartment with an "incredible view" is located in the central district of Moscow. Now the singer and her husband, basketball player Janis Timma, are renovating it.

Anna said that she spends about 1.5 million rubles a month. In addition to her personal expenses, this amount includes the salaries of employees who work for her clothing brand LA Story. Also from this money Sedokova pays for a rented apartment in which she lives with her family, while her new home is being renovated.


In September, the singer married basketball player Janis Timma. Photo: Instagram. The conversation turned to personal. The singer responded to the caustic comments that she often write on Instagram about the fact that she gave birth to three children from different men.

- Haters start saying: "You have so many marriages." Yes, I poked like a blind kitten, not understanding where the bad and where the good! - Anna assures.

Sedokova recalled that she had been working since the age of 15, and her only dream was to get out of the mud in which she lived as a child. Because of this, she did not have time to understand men and other things.

- Therefore, I never blame anyone for mistakes, - says Anna.

According to the artist, she worked so hard that she did not see life at all. The singer recalls that she fell in love with Dynamo Kiev player Valentin Belkevich only because he took her to bowling. By that time, Sedokova was already a soloist of the VIA Gra group, but the athlete's act still amazed her. - I'm like: "Wow, people are having fun just like that!" - said the singer.


Sedokova fell in love with her first husband, football player Valentin Belkevich, when he invited her to bowling. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

From 2004 to 2006, Sedokova was married to Belkevich, with from she had a daughter, Alina. The athlete died suddenly in 2014. In 2011-2013, Anna was married to Ukrainian businessman Maxim Chernyavsky, to whom she gave her daughter Monica. In 2017, the artist had a son, Hector, from businessman Artem Komarov. She broke up with the father of her son even before the birth of the boy. Now only two children live with the singer - 15-year-old Alina and three-year-old Hector. The daughter of the star Monica, by court order, remained in the United States with her father.

Last year, Sedokova began dating basketball player Janis Timma. And in July of this year, she agreed to become his wife. The couple got married in September. Janis is a wealthy groom: according to some sources, he earns about a million dollars a year. The basketball player for the sake of an affair with ex- "VIA Groi" left his family - his wife and child. Before moving to Sedokova's, Janis hid the novel for six months and secretly met with the artist.


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