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Maria Sharapova is accused of Real Estate Fraud

Maria Sharapova (30) is again involved in the scandal. A resident of India sued the famous Russian tennis player for advertising the project of a residential complex in the city of Gurragram. It turns out that Maria was the face of the project. 

Elite housing had to be built by 2016, but there is not even a foundation pit! Bavana Agarwal believes that Maria Sharapova participated in the fraudulent scheme, as she not only advertised the project, but met with potential buyers. The complex, by the way, was to consist of a 44-storey residential building, a ballet school and a tennis academy. About 1,5 thousand people invested in the project. The tennis player has not commented on the charges yet.

Maria Sharapova

Recall, in October, Maria Sharapova announced that she is preparing to do design business. The tennis player planned to launch a project to design and design fitness centers and tennis clubs at hotels and resorts in conjunction with American architect Dan Meis. The athlete also produces chocolate sweets Sugarpova.

44-year-old Indian citizen Agarwal Bhavana filed an application to the main city court in northwestern Delhi. It turns out that Sharapova was the face of the construction company Homestead in 2012-2013, which deceived its customers in India. The company was to build an elite residential complex in Gurgaon, Haryana, in 2016, but this did not happen, more than 1,500 people has invested in the project, according to the Times of India.

Sharapova promoted the project among a wide audience. Consequently, she was a part of a criminal scheme. Personally, I was attracted to the fact that this project was supported by Sharapova. The promotional brochure said that there will be a tennis academy, clothing stores and sporting goods, "the woman said in a statement. 

It should be noted that the court received a complaint from the woman not only for Sharapova, but also for contractors - Homestead Infrastructure DevelopmentPrivate Limited, Homestead Infrastructure Maintenance Private Limited, Homestead ArabicHomes Private, as well as their management.

The Indian police began to investigate the case.



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