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Lost in the mansion! Cristiano Ronaldo's Girl about the difficulties of a luxurious life


Cristiano Ronaldo has been happily in a relationship with Georgina Rodriguez for five years now. The lovers are raising four heirs and preparing for the birth of two more babies. Their life is like a fairy tale, but not everything is as perfect as it seems at first glance. In a documentary dedicated to her, the 27-year-old model admitted that it was difficult for her to get used to a luxurious life.

At the beginning of her relationship with the most popular football player in the world, Georgina worked in a Gucci boutique in Madrid, where she traveled in the mornings by public transport. But in the evening, her boyfriend came for her in his obscenely expensive supercar.

“I came by bus and left by Bugatti ,” the beauty admits. “ I used to sell luxury items, but now I wear them on the red carpet. I have millions of followers, I'm dating the man who has the most followers in the world... When I first came to Cristiano, I got lost every time I went to the kitchen for water. It took me six months to get comfortable . ”


Georgina Rodriguez 

After meeting Ronaldo, Rodriguez completely forgot about her family. At least that's what her uncle says. Jesus Hernandez called his niece a "devilish woman" and said that now Georgina is embarrassed by her relatives, although she was taken care of from childhood: when the girl was four years old, her father was sent to prison. The sister of the star also said that she refused to ask Cristiano for an autograph for her nephew, because the football player was allegedly on vacation.

I Am Georgina premieres on Netflix this Thursday, Georgina's 28th birthday. The network is already criticizing the project: users do not believe that Rodriguez deserves such attention, because she became famous only thanks to her boyfriend.


Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez Video: YouTube, Netflix channel


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