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"Liza wanted a new home": Ilya Averbukh builds a new mansion for the star of the series "Daddy's Daughters" Liza Arzamasova


Last week, 46-year-old Ilya Averbukh and 25-year-old Liza Arzamasova told reporters about their romance.

But according to the host of the Figurview show and chief analyst of Russian figure skating Elena Rodina, the romance of Averbukh and Arzamasova began when Lisa was 17 years old. Just after her participation in the ice show, where she was trained by Averbukh.

Moreover, apparently, Ilya, according to Elena Rodina, was fascinated by Lisa back in 2010.

- In 2010 (a month after the premiere of the show “Ice and Fire” on TV), Arzamasova, along with Alexei Tikhonov, led the Averbukh ice prize “Crystal Ice”.

Well, what kind of host was she, she was just a young girl. A year before that, in 2009, Katya Strizhenova was the presenter. Do you understand the level, right? Everything is obvious, says Elena Rodina.

And the bloggers, in turn, noticed that a month ago Arzamasova went live on Instagram from Averbukh's house. That is, they live together for a long time, and not just date.

By the way, now Averbukh is preparing to move to a new house.

- Liza, apparently, wanted a new home, - agrees with us the host of "Figurview" Elena Rodina. - If not for Arzamasova, Ilya Averbukh would have lived in the old house for another 10 years.

The skater plans to dismantle and sell the old house on the banks of the Istra reservoir by the autumn. A more spacious mansion will come in its place. stroykottedj Play Video GC "Stroy Cottage" visiting Ilya Averbukh - we sell the completed house and are planning a new Ilya @averbukhofficial an excellent house has already been built on the plot, as expansion is planned this house is for sale 100 Likes None comments

By the way, 16-year-old son of Averbukh and figure skater Irina Lobacheva Martin lives with Lisa and Ilya.

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