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Kerem Bursin plans to buy a house in Spain ?


The star of the series “Knock on my door” is determined to conquer the sunny country ? recently shared an excerpt from a short interview with Kerem Bursin. One of the topics was the possible move of Kerem to Madrid, because he flies here more and more often. And yes, the Spanish fans were very pleased with the answer, but the rest were a little upset ? Kerem Bursin

“Of course I would like to move. The first time I arrived, I already fell in love with the city and its atmosphere, but above all, with the people who are great.” Kerem Bursin

In addition, the actor admitted that he himself is interested in living in Spain for more than a couple of weeks. This country won his heart, so there is nothing to be surprised at. And Kerem's serious intentions are also evidenced by the fact that he is already learning Spanish. And according to him, in five months he will be able to speak it fluently ? Kerem Bursin plans to buy a house in Spain ? Photo from Kerem Bursin's social network Apparently, Kerem Bursin's decisions are also influenced by the style of his life in childhood. The family kept moving from city to city and from country to country, so now the actor cannot sit in one place for a long time ?


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