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France detains activists who occupied the villa of Putin's daughter in Biarritz


French police on Monday detained two activists who occupied a luxurious villa in Biarritz, which is associated with the former son-in-law of Russian President Vladimir Putin. About it writes Reuters , reports "European truth".

Frenchman Pierre Afner and Belarusian political refugee Sergei Savelyev entered the villa on Sunday , intending to provide an eight-bedroom house to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

"While the authorities in the US, UK and France are looking for ways to act economically against Russia, we are taking our own actions," Savelyev said in a video filmed at the villa.

Villa is linked to Kirill Shamalov, Putin's former son-in-law and deputy chairman of the Sibur petrochemical company.


Shamalov is not included in the list of wealthy Russian businessmen and other members of the country's elite who are subject to EU sanctions in connection with Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. But Shamalov came under British sanctions.

Two detained activists said they found utility bills and utility bills addressed to SCI Atlantic and Tatyana Shamalova. SCI Atlantic is a real estate firm whose director, according to the documents of the French company, is Shamalov.

Shamalov's Villa is not Putin's only palace in Biarritz. Radio Europe 1, citing the French intelligence services, published information that in 1996 he bought the former Stravinsky villa, located at 9 rue de la Fregate, also in Biarritz.


There is a third villa in Biarritz associated with Putin, this is the house of his ex-wife, now owned by her new husband Arthur Ocheretny. After the outbreak of the war, the activists painted the walls of the villa in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

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