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Expensive real estate of Johnny Depp

Johnny, best known for playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean, is one of the highest paid actors. Many would like to know what property the actor owned or still owns.

1. A village in the south of France

Located in Le Plan-de-la-Tour, about 15 kilometers from Saint-Tropez, this property was acquired by an actor in 2016 for an unknown amount. It includes a whole village built in the 19th century, with more than a dozen buildings. Many of them were built in the 1800s, and Depp spent at least $ 10 million repairing them and keeping them fit. The main building has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. An interesting gypsy-style trailer serves as a guest house with its own kitchen and bathroom. There is also a swimming pool, a studio and a private restaurant, which Depp called Café Marcheline. Depp put an object for sale.

2. Mansions on the Hollywood Hills

Johnny Depp, like any movie star, is required to have a mansion on the Hollywood hills. So that no one doubts that he is a star, the actor has bought as many as five houses in the area on the same street. Having your own piece of Hollywood hills is expensive. It is believed that the actor has spent at least 19 million dollars on these houses. He even thought about making an underground tunnel between them. In the house that he prefers to live, there are 10 bedrooms. The structure is similar in appearance to the gothic castle. Attached is a pool and parking for lots and lots of cars. When trying to calculate the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in five houses, experts agree that the first in them are somewhere from 35 to 40, and the second - from 40 to 50. Lots of space to sleep and wash.

3. The mansion in the county of Somerset.

Often filmed in England, Depp resides during filming in his huge mansion. This building is 150 years old, and it is currently in a state of renewal, for which the actor will have to spend about five million dollars. Allegedly, the house has 12 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. A large plot of land is attached to it.

4. Five penthouses.

In addition to the five houses in Hollywood, Depp has other real estate in Los Angeles. And this is the whole five penthouses. Depp acquired them in the 2007th and 2008th years. He later put them on sale. All of them are located in the Eastern Columbia building, built in Art Deco style. It is believed that they were combined or were combined for some time to form a huge living space with a rooftop swimming pool. Most of these penthouses are already sold. In total, they had nine bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms. One of them was used as a studio for the study of fine arts, and the other - as a shelter for guests. There were also five kitchens in them, repeating the zebra-colored wallpaper in one of the bedrooms, and many walls were decorated by a specially invited Brazilian street artist. Photo:



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