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Dima Bilan put up for sale his luxurious mansion in New Riga



The coronavirus crisis has hit many people's incomes. Show business stars are no exception. Of course, artists of the first magnitude always have the necessary financial savings, but even they cannot always help in difficult times, so media personalities begin to sell their property.

For example, Dima Bilan recently put up for sale his luxurious mansion in New Riga, which he acquired back in 2008. Many fans of the artist believe that the reason for the sale is not Bilan's financial problems at all, but the desire to purchase a new house, even better than the previous one, in order to live there with future children.

It is noteworthy that Dima's other colleagues also resorted to similar sales during the crisis. Recently, artist Elena Vorobei and artist Nikas Safronov said that they are actively selling their apartments and houses, as they faced difficulties during the pandemic.


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