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Andrey Arshavin kicked his ex-wife with children out of the house


The footballer sued Alisa Kazmina's mansion and demands to vacate it.

Arshavin and Kazmina got married in 2016, when Alisa was pregnant with their daughter Yesenia. Photo: social networks. The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin, Alisa Kazmina, has been struggling with a serious illness for the past six months. But this did not stop the athlete from driving her from the house. Andrei and his mother Tatyana Arshavin sued the mansion in which 39-year-old Alisa and her three children live (the two older ones are from their first marriage, the youngest daughter Yesenia is from Arshavin).

A house with an area of ​​300 square meters, located in the village of Kolomyagi near St. Petersburg, according to documents belongs to the mother of a football player. Alisa, on the other hand, insisted that the mansion was a joint property acquired in marriage. A year ago, Tatyana Arshavina filed a lawsuit to evict her former daughter-in-law and granddaughter from the house. The meetings were regularly postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but in the end the court sided with Tatyana Arshavina. Now the ex-mother-in-law insists that the house be vacated.


Alisa Kazmina with her daughter Yesenia. Photo: social networks.

However, Alisa and her lawyers are not going to give up. Kazmina's lawyers have already sent an appeal to the court, which will be considered in March. - Grandma is suing her little granddaughter, nothing unusual. It was Andrei who made her a dedication when we were already married, - said Alisa in an interview with StarHit .

After the divorce, the football player stopped communicating not only with his ex-wife, but also with his daughter. Yesenia recently turned four years old. On this occasion, Alice gave her daughter a beautiful holiday with cake and balls. Whether the father congratulated the girl on this day is unknown, but most likely not. Now the ex-wife of the athlete is being treated for a serious illness. According to Alisa, she was diagnosed with autoimmune necrosis, which developed in just a few weeks and disfigured her face. Kazmina is forced to take injections regularly, which help her endure constant pain. Fortunately, she found a doctor who volunteered to help her. 


Recall that the former Zenit player divorced Alisa Kazmina in August 2018. Andrey and Alisa were together for six years, the athlete and his St. Petersburg passion got married in 2016, when Alisa was pregnant with their daughter Yesenia. As the athlete's wife admitted, the marriage cracked due to Andrey's numerous hikes to the left, which she was tired of enduring. After the divorce, Alisa repeatedly complained that Arshavin did not pay child support for her daughter, and she had nothing to live on.

For the sake of Kazmina, Arshavin broke up with his common-law wife Yulia Baranovskaya, leaving her with three children. After breaking up with Arshavin, Julia managed to improve her life, although it was not easy for her. She also accused the football player of leaving her homeless and not paying child support. Baranovskaya moved from London, where she lived with Andrei and with children, to Moscow, achieved success on television and became the host of Channel One. 


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