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What does Alexander Ovechkin drive? 5 luxury cars of the Russian NHL star: photos



In America, they are already accustomed to the fact that the salaries of NHL players are available to anyone, it is enough just to have the Internet. An ordinary person may have a reasonable question in his head: where to spend such a lot of money? Everyone has already heard about the real estate of hockey players, because you can’t hide it so easily. But what about other purchases? Getting an answer to this question, following the letter of the law, is almost impossible. But, nevertheless, one object of great spending by the idols of millions of people can be available to the general public. We are, of course, talking about cars. Among hockey players there are many fans of cool cars, and among them one of the best snipers in the history of the NHL, Alexander Ovechkin. 

Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG

Price: about $ 280,000

"Gelik", "square", "brick" - as soon as this legendary SUV is not called by Russian fans of the German automobile industry. This model has acquired a special aura in Russia, associated primarily with bikes from the 90s. But one of the best strikers in the world is not at all embarrassed by such associations. The car is equipped with a bi-turbo V-12 engine, accelerates to hundreds in just 5.2 seconds and is the perfect embodiment of its owner: the same massive and powerful, but no less speedy. It is known that Ovi had several similar cars: in black and white. But, without leaving the white "Gelik" for a year, the forward got into an accident on it. Since then, the fate of that car is shrouded in darkness.


Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series

Price: about $ 300,000

From zero to hundreds of two-seater sports coupe accelerates in just 3.8 seconds, and its top speed is 320 km / h. In America, due to a strict system of fines, this ultralight sports car is not particularly driven. But that didn't stop the Washington captain from acquiring it. If the Gelendvagen is the personification of Ovechkin himself, then this model is more like his longtime Dynamo partner Mikhail Anisin. The same lightweight, nimble and extremely fast. True, she consumes a little more alcoholic liquid than Mikhail in his most "spree" years. The high cost of this car is explained by manual assembly and limited production: only 350 of these cars rolled off the assembly line.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class V12S Brabus

Price: about $ 300,000

Alexander the Great considers this unit one of his favorites. This model, unlike the two previous ones, can be attributed to the segment of comfort. But the value of this car lies in its versatility: in terms of speed, it will not yield to more dynamic supercars. It is on the S-class that Alexander is most often seen in Washington. Sometimes, standing in a traffic jam, Ovi himself makes contact with his personal fans and brings genuine happiness into their lives.


Price: about $ 215,000

This car went through the Vorsteiner tuning shop, which cost Ovechkin an additional $15,000. The car has a powerful engine of 507 horsepower, and it accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. In Moscow, Alexander most often travels on this BMW, which stands out on the road with its license plate "A008AA".


Porsche Cayenne GTS

Price: about $ 110,000

The most budget model in the fleet of NHL stars. Crossover "Porsche Cayenne GTS" has a maximum speed of 270 km / h, and acceleration to hundreds will take 4.5 seconds. Ovechkin is a supporter of diversity in everything, and cars are no exception. This model is something between the Gelik and the S-class.


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