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The wife of a Russian goalkeeper Ilya Samsonov who plays in the most popular club in the world! Photos


Together with her husband, Maria moves from Washington to Toronto. The career of Ilya Samsonov is a continuous swing. For many years he was considered the most promising Russian goalkeeper after Sergei Bobrovsky and Andrei Vasilevsky. "Washington" saw him as the first number with which it would be possible to go for another Stanley Cup. However, after the first successful season in the NHL , Samsonov began to have problems. In the end, he disappointed the management of the Ovechkin club and left the team. On the first day of the opening of the market for free agents, Ilya found a new job - he signed a one-year contract with Toronto. In Canada, he will have the opportunity to rehabilitate. His wife Maria will help him in this.


@samsonovamaria98 Maria, like Ilya, comes from Magnitogorsk. There, young people met, then Samsonov was still the goalkeeper of the Metallurg system. The lovers got married in their hometown on July 13, 2019.


@samsonovamaria98 @samsonovamaria98

In 2018, Samsonov signed a rookie contract with Washington and left for the United States. Mary went with him. The first year Ilya played in the AHL for the Hershey. @samsonovamaria98 In America, a girl goes to hockey, does household chores, and also communicates with the wives of her husband's teammates. Here are rare photos of the wife of Evgeny Kuznetsov, Anastasia.


@samsonovamaria98 @samsonovamaria98

When Ilya moved to Toronto, Maria warmly thanked Washington on social networks. “Thank you to the Capitals team for introducing us to wonderful, kind, talented people and giving us close friends. It was nice to be part of such a big and friendly family. We will miss everyone very much ... we will definitely meet again. ” Now she and her husband are starting a new chapter in their lives. In the most popular club in the world, Samsonov will not be easy. He can show himself great in an attacking team, where sometimes you need to stand on your head, or he can become the object of criticism of demanding fans from a hockey city.


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