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The first details of the mysterious incident with Nichushkin. A drunk woman from Russia was found in his room


The first details of the incident with Valery Nichushkin

Department of hockey "SE" Valery Nichushkin. Photos USA Today Sports Valery Nichushkin with his wife Svetlana Gavrilyuk. Social media photo 1/2 The striker is in danger of not playing in the playoffs again.

The Colorados were suddenly in trouble in the playoffs. Seattle was considered a passable team for the defending champions. It was assumed that the series would not last longer than five or six matches. Reality turned out to be deceptive. The Krakens win 3-2, and the mysterious story of the Lavin leader Valery Nichushkin added to the problems.

The striker disappeared from the squad after the second match. Colorado mentor Jared Bednar explained that the Russian left the team for personal reasons, but did not say what they were connected with. Hockey players "Colorado". The current champion is one step away from relegation! What's going on with Colorado?

Details of the case were published yesterday by The Denver Post. According to the Seattle police, a girl was found in Nichushkin's hotel room. She was so drunk that she could not leave the hotel by taxi herself. The team doctor called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. The woman told the authorities that she was from Russia, was born in Ukraine and clarified that she should not have come to the United States and that some guy took her passport. The incident report noted that the team's doctor was not aware of any family ties between Nichushkin and the woman. All three are marked in the report as "involved", but Valery's testimony is not included in it.

Special services are establishing what led to severe intoxication of the woman. It is speculated that this may have been due to alcohol or drug use. However, the Seattle police said that there was no criminal investigation into the incident related to Nichushkin. The report says the woman hit the team's doctor, but he declined to press charges. There is no mention of any crime. Valery Nichushkin with his wife Svetlana Gavrilyuk.


Social media photo

On April 27, The Denver Gazette, citing Colorado coach Jared Bednar, reported that Nichushkin's absence was not due to legal, health, or discipline issues. The coach said that the team remains in touch with the player. Insiders from The Denver Post confirmed concerns about the seriousness of the situation. Under personal reasons, there was a complicated story that could affect Nichushkin's future. Valery is married. In 2018, the couple got married. You should not draw premature conclusions, but the story that has scattered through the media will definitely not pass without a trace. Valery Nichushkin. Nichushkin missed the Colorado matches because of a drunk girl in his hotel room. She was taken to the hospital

The Colorado have not yet commented on the new information about Nichushkin. The timing of the return of Valery to the composition is not reported. Further developments go beyond the sports world. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, you won’t have to rely on the Russian in the series with Seattle. This means that the Avalanches will have to save themselves without one of the key players in the gold playoffs. It is obvious that Valery is the least interested in hockey while proceedings with the police are ongoing.


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