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The beautiful figure skater Annabelle Morozov changed her partner. Morozov/Narizhny getting ready for OI-26


The breakup of some duets in ice dancing and the formation of new ones is a common thing. Most often this happens at the junior or entry-level senior level. The Russian dance team has a huge number of talented and interesting figure skaters, so the decision of the federation to allow only two pairs to the First Channel Cup seemed strange.

But now it became known why there were not four dance duets for the last start of the Olympic season for Russian athletes. The couple Annabelle Morozov / Andrey Bagin no longer exists. Now the girl, according to sources, will continue her career with David Narizhny , who, in turn, broke up with Elizaveta Shanaeva.



Rumors that the daughter of Nikolai Morozov would change her partner circulated a year ago. Then many predicted that she would continue her career with Vadim Kolesnik , who was in Moscow for some time. But in the end, Morozov / Bagin completed the Olympic cycle together and only then dispersed.

The desire of Nikolai Morozov to find a suitable partner for his daughter is explained not only by family ties - Annabelle is really talented. She has an amazing glide, so the partner must be on the same level. Plus, at the end of the 2020/21 season, it was Andrei who often made mistakes, felt insecure in support, which could harm the girl. Despite this, Morozov / Bagin looked very organic on the ice, even outwardly they matched each other. Unfortunately, the duet's time has expired.


Elizaveta Shanaeva and David Narizhny were very strong at the junior level, winning World Championship and Grand Prix Final medals. Like other athletes of the coaching tandem Alexander Svinin / Irina Zhuk , the guys stood out for their programs and approach to dancing. With the transition to adults, they got into a typical story for dance couples: they were leaders in juniors, but lost in seniors. They would have had to skate long and hard to get into the national team. The example of their skating mates Sofia Shevchenko / Igor Eremenko shows that even in this way it is not always possible to succeed.

The joint work of Nikolai Morozov and the Svinin / Zhuk group would not be limited to one couple, it was obvious. Thus, Morozov helped Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin , and then the coaching staff helped Annabelle find a new partner.


RIA Novosti

It is difficult to say what results the new couple will have, they have a completely different school and approach. If Annabelle can be attributed to the classic and more traditional style, then David is modernity and a kind of destruction of boundaries. What angle will they choose? It is logical that Annabelle will be the leader in terms of skating, perhaps Nikolai Morozov will work with David, the partners will reach the same level. The style is likely to be chosen typical of the Svinin/Zhuk coaching group, as Morozov still acts as an auxiliary element of the system. On the one hand, such castling promises many years of rolling, which will entail a large number of problems. On the other hand, such unexpected duets help figure skating not to stand still. Coaches from different perspectives come together to create something new.

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