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Sister of the singer Nyusha won gold at the Tokyo Olympics



Sister of the singer Nyusha, Maria Shurochkina, together with other synchronized swimmers of the Russian national team, won Olympic gold in Tokyo. This is the sixth time in a row that Russian athletes have become champions in synchronized swimming. For Maria, this victory was the second: in 2016, she also took the well-deserved gold with the team. In addition, a relative of the popular artist is an 11-time world champion.

In total, the Russians received 196.0979 points for their performances and bypassed the Chinese national team, which the judges awarded 193.5310 points. Bronze went to Ukraine. In addition to Maria, the gold team includes Svetlana Romashina, who became the Olympic champion for the seventh time and broke her own record, as well as Polina Komar, Vlada Chigireva, Svetlana Kolesnichenko, Alla Shishkina, Alexandra Patskevich and Marina Golyadkina.


Photo: Legion-Media

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian synchronized swimmers with gold. The President of Russia thanked the girls for their skill and dedication: “ The gold you won is a big, well-deserved reward for your talent, skill, joy, beauty, which you generously give to numerous admirers of your dynamic, spectacular sport ” - Vladimir Putin


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