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Russian talent Klim Kostin has an amazing girlfriend. She bears the title of the most beautiful student in the country



Russian talent Klim Kostin has an amazing girlfriend. She bears the title of the most beautiful student in the country. Their relationship has been going on for many years - and this is a beautiful story. Top 12 PHOTOS Alina is a combination of beauty and many talents.

Forward "St. Louis" Klim Kostin from the second attempt is trying to gain a foothold in the NHL. The Penza-born hockey player has always dreamed of a North American league. In 2019, it did not turn out very well, so the best solution was a temporary return to their homeland - to Avangard. And now, with new strength, experience and the Gagarin Cup, Klim has returned to tear apart the playgrounds of America. 

The first match was very successful - the striker scored a double in the game against Arizona. And this would not have happened without the endless support from the beloved girl - Alina Zareynik.

Alina was also born in Penza, but the couple met on the Internet. Klim at that time was studying at the Dynamo hockey school, saw Alina on social networks and was not afraid to write. After months of correspondence, there was a vacation, a trip to their hometown, and, naturally, a romance began between them, which has not subsided for many years. 

The couple does not manage to see each other all the time, but this does not bother them at all. While Klim was developing hockey skills in the youth team, Alina graduated from school with a gold medal, received a higher education and trained in the rhythmic gymnastics section. And in 2018, when the hockey player left for America, she could not come to him, because she received a nomination for the Beauty of Russian Students contest. She triumphantly won this title, impressing the jury not only with external data, but also in intellectual tests. 

Now Alina is still connected with rhythmic gymnastics - she is a coach. But it's much easier to travel to her loved one. This means that there will be even more support at matches from the main fan and the talented forward will play even better in front of his girlfriend.








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