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Ovechkin's trick, hitting an opponent with a stick between the legs: what people say?


The main event on Wednesday in the NHL is the conflict between Washington forward Alexander Ovechkin and 23-year-old Boston striker Trent Frederick. The American spent a significant part of his playing time on provocations against the Russian and eventually challenged him to a fist fight. Ovi refused, but a few minutes later, having met Frederick again on the ice, he dirtyly hit him with a stick between his legs.


Sport24 has garnered some of the brightest comments from North American fans about the episode. They hate Ovechkin, predict an additional punishment for him (in the game everything was limited to 2 minutes of the penalty) and are sure that Frederick was also wrong.

“I love it when Ovechkin is angry. Great content. "

"I hope the Bruins bench told Frederick, 'You can't fight Mr. Ovechkin."

"Some people may not like Ovechkin for a reason, but not many players really want to fight him."

“To be honest, I don’t feel sorry for Frederick… Ovechkin literally told him that he didn’t want to fight. Yes, hitting between the legs was not the right thing to do on his part, but still.

" Who the hell is Trent Frederick ?! If you are trying to make a name for yourself in the NHL, this is not the best way. "

“Typical Ovechkin. Nobody should be surprised. "

"The best $ 5000 (possible fine - Sport24) that Ovechkin will ever spend."

“Ovechkin is a dirty punk. Yes, I say it. "

"This is terrible. It's brotherly code to never punch a guy in the groin. First, Ovechkin refuses to fight with Frederick, and then he does it? Fights are allowed in the NHL, Ovi. Use your fists like Frederick wanted. "

"It should be a disqualification, but since this is Ovechkin ... Probably nothing will happen."

"If Brad Marschand did something like that, he would be suspended for 20 games."

“Just remember guys: Crosby did the same with another player and was not disqualified. Ovechkin won't be there either. "Ovechkin is a moron."

"What a shitty thing Ovechkin did."

“It should be a big penalty and sending off before the end of the game for Ovechkin. Dirty Russian scumbag. "


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