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Hockey player Artemy Panarin said that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder


Hockey player Artemy Panarin said that he has obsessive-compulsive disorder

Russian hockey player Artemy Panarin, who plays in the New York Rangers team, told reporters about a mental disorder, due to which, according to the athlete, he stopped using smartphones and generally abandoned the Internet.

RIA Novosti quotes the 30-year-old striker:

I use a regular push-button phone. "Babushkofon", "clamshell" classic. But modern. After abandoning the use of devices, the world is now seen cleaner without the opinions imposed by all sorts of bloggers. As a result, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) happened, you know about this? Finished with all this porridge that is brewed in YouTube. I will make birdhouses.

How to come to this? Rejection of the Internet in this case gives relief. Now I feel complete pleasure. Was there a breakdown and a desire to use the Internet? What a crash! I got high. It's like being freed.

Teammates, according to Panarin, are not very happy that the Russian is not in general chats, and in order to call his wife, model Alisa Znarok, he sometimes borrows smartphones from them:

Ryan Reeves (Canadian forward of the New York Rangers. - Ed.) will soon buy me a phone, because I shoot from him, call Alice. In America, 3G was turned off, and my Nokia does not catch in some cities, - quotes the words of the hockey player "Match TV".

Obsessive-compulsive disorder manifests itself in obsessive fearful or disturbing thoughts that are out of control, and the person tries to get rid of them through certain actions, also obsessive.


Artemy Panarin

Also, Panarin, talking to the press yesterday, said that, although he has been playing in the NHL for seven years, he still cannot give interviews in English - and he also blames the Internet for this:

But there is no progress, because for five years I have been looking at this mobile crap. And I had to communicate with people. It was only in the last year that I began to look around. We sit in a company of six Americans, have lunch. It's uncomfortable for you, you don't know English. You're stuck on your phone doing some pointless crap. And time flies.

In social networks, Panarin is really not active: on Instagram he has a closed, albeit “tickled”, account, in which there is only one publication and only eight subscriptions (with more than 590 thousand followers). The hockey player has not been on his VKontakte page since December 2021.

The athlete is known for emotional and sometimes unexpected statements. So, in 2017, American journalists reminded Panarin of his joke of 2012: the athlete, who at that time played for the Vityaz club near Moscow, in a local TV program, when asked about what he would never do in his life, answered that he would not "to have sex with a black woman." When the interview “surfaced” five years later and caused a resonance, Artemy publicly apologized.

A two-year-old interview for also made a lot of noise, where, among other things, Artemy spoke about his attitude towards the Russian president:

I think he no longer understands where is good, where is bad. It seems to me that it is already psychologically not so easy for him to soberly assess the situation, because there are many people who lead him to decisions. If everyone tells you that you are 20 years old, what a fine fellow you are and do everything right, do you think you will begin to see your mistakes? How will you see them?

According to the athlete, the population has a wrong attitude towards the president: Our mistake is that we treat him like a superman. But he is the same as us, and, in theory, serves us. I have nothing to do with him, that he is a superman. [...]

Our main mistake - although there are many of them - is that everyone thinks: "We have no one better than Vladimir Vladimirovich." But this is nonsense. How many millions do we have in the country, and there is not a single such person? And it's better to eat, anyway.

Panarin's words about attitudes towards gays were also discussed then. The hockey player, who was born in the city of Korkino, Chelyabinsk Region, noted that after moving to the USA, he changed his mind on this matter:

I'm for them to do what they want. When I lived in Russia, I had a completely different opinion. Hard opinion. Now I'm much better. In this society you live and treat better. Well, people live their lives and live. If they are happy with it, then so be it. If a person is like that, he is afraid to speak out about his orientation or show it, he hides all his life - this is unfair. Well, what should he do? After such words, of course, I will not be able to go to Korkino.

At the end of 2021, an incident during a match between the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins was widely reported in the press: then Panarin, while on the bench, threw a glove at his Canadian opponent Brad Marchand, for which he was fined five thousand dollars. The reason was a certain statement of a Canadian about Russia. Fans supported Panarin, and commentator Dmitry Guberniev launched a flash mob on Instagram in his support - #fromRussiawithGlove ("From Russia with a glove"). 

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