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"He's stealing money." American fans harshly criticize Russian goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky for a goal error



The beginning of February for Sergei Bobrovsky was clearly not set. In the first game of the last month of winter, he conceded six goals from Nashville, three of which came in the end of regular time and overtime. The further development of events was not difficult to predict. Joel Kenneville put his first number on the bench, putting Chris Dridger back up for a re-match with Nashville. He won 2: 1 and earned the right to continue playing at the start. Fortunately for Bobrovsky, if we can talk about happiness, when your team loses, his replacement leaked the next match to hopeless outsiders from Detroit (1: 4), thereby announcing the return of the Russian to the squad.

Sergei also had to play against the Red Wings - it looked like the perfect chance to regain the coach's trust and confidence. But instead of this Bobrovsky was embarrassed already in the 4th minute of the game. 21-year-old Czech forward Philip Zadina shot from a fairly sharp angle, the shot itself looked pretty easy for the goalkeeper, but the Russian did not cope with it.


The portal to hell in the form of another portion of Bobrovsky's hate was opened by North American fans. Catch their angry comments:

"Bobrovsky is incredibly bad."


“Bobrovsky deserves to constantly sit on the bench. He's just stealing money.


"Does anyone want to tell Bobrovsky that these are not bouncers?"


“I love Bobrovsky, but sometimes it hurts. Let's regroup, Panthers, and face this challenge. "

"You are talking to goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky for $ 10 million."


"Bobrovsky played like a bewildered goalkeeper of the beer league."

“Bobrovsky shows no signs of improvement. Nobody wants to exchange it for themselves. "The Panthers will have to spend 5 million a season to buy out his contract for years."

"Bobrovsky is probably the worst goalkeeper I've ever seen."


"Wow, Bobrovsky is terrible." “Bobrovsky must be one of the most unpredictable goalkeepers I've ever seen in the NHL. You never know what performance you will see in his performance. "


"REMOVE BOBROVSKY FROM THE GATES." "If we talk about the worst contract in the league, then this is Bobrovsky's contract, right?" As a result, Florida won with a score of 2: 1, Bobrovsky made 31 saves and frankly helped his team in some episodes. But this is unlikely to globally change the attitude of American fans towards him - to earn their trust and the right to make mistakes, it takes more than defeating a spare loser.


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