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Fedor Smolov started affair with Boris Yeltsin's granddaughter Maria


Fedor Smolov / Maria Yumasheva

The first rumors about the romance of Fedor Smolov and the granddaughter of the late ex-President of Russia Boris Yeltsin appeared in the fall of 2019 - at that time Maria Yumasheva was 17 years old. At first, Fedor and Maria exchanged cute messages on social networks, and then together they met the new year, 2020 at the house of the girl's parents on the island of Saint Barts in the Caribbean: the footballer's pictures on social networks testified to this.

Fedor Smolov and Maria Yumasheva with friends

In February last year, Maria sweetly congratulated Fedor on his birthday, posting their joint black and white photo in the story, which was accompanied by heart emoji, and this New Year they also spent together in the same villa in the Caribbean: an eloquent confirmation of this was a picture of lovers together with friends, done on vacation.

At the same time, neither Smolov nor Yumasheva gave any official confirmation of their affair and any comments on this matter. Instead, it was done by the PR-agent of the striker of the Moscow “Locomotive” and the Russian national team Elena Bolotova. On the YouTube show KonOff, she confirmed the romantic relationship between her 30-year-old ward and Yeltsin's 18-year-old granddaughter, and also explained why the lovers do not advertise their personal lives.

Fedor Smolov and Maria Yumasheva

Nobody is hiding, we just don't want this bias to be discussed first of all, personal life, and then sports achievements, - said Bolotova. The athlete's agent also added that he briefly went into the shadows, because he loves to enter the public field only when he has significant results and achievements in football.

In her commentary on the relationship between Fedor and Maria, Elena Bolotova clearly hinted at the player's previous marriage with Victoria Lopyreva, which at some point became the subject of active discussion.

Recall that Fedor and Victoria were together for several years and broke up in 2015.

Fedor Smolov and Maria Yumasheva with friends

The press knows nothing about the previous novels of Maria Yumasheva. The girl was born and raised in London in the family of Boris Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana and journalist and politician Valentin Yumashev. Maria has two older brothers - Boris, whose personal life is widely discussed in the media, and Gleb. According to information in the press, Maria was educated in Austria, speaks fluently several foreign languages, loves to play tennis, sings and draws well. The girl is also a fan of the English football club Chelsea, which belongs to Roman Abramovich.

Maria Yumasheva PHOTO Instagram


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