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Alina Zagitova is being asked to marry the Ak Bars hockey player Dmitry Voronkov?


Alina Zagitova. Photo:© Dmitry Golubovich

The beautiful athlete Alina Zagitova, who has won all possible titles in figure skating, is in full view all the time. Rides in ice shows, starred in many commercials. At the same time, she manages to carefully hide her private life. 

Alina spoke more than once about the strict standards of upbringing in a Tatar family. But she is 19 - it's time to fall in love, even if you are the most modest girl in the world! So Zagitova's fans are looking at every photo in social networks: will an attractive young man worthy of champion?

Several times Alina and hockey player Dmitry Voronkov posted photos from the same place at the same time. Most often, these are recreation complexes with a bathhouse and a swimming pool. However, there were also water activities on the wakeboard. Alina's fans even had a sign: if Zagitova shows off pictures from the bath, Voronkov will also be there. This has happened several times since winter. So they decided that the skater met her fate. "Dima and Alina mysteriously end up in the same places at the same time.


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Voronkov is a 20-year-old striker for Ak Bars Kazan and the Russian national team. The hockey player was the discovery of the past season, and they are already waiting for him in the NHL. However, Dima signed the current contract with the club until 2023. This summer, his salary was raised several times. So it should be enough to rest with Alina in expensive complexes.


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