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Alexander Ovechkin spoke about injuries and bullying in hockey


The famous hockey player admitted how many times his nose was broken in his entire career, and how hard it is to break into hockey for young people. Photo:

The famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin became a guest of football player Dmitry Sychev and commentator Denis Kazansky and spoke about the vicissitudes of a professional career on the ice arena.

They broke his nose five times


The athlete complained that hockey is a very traumatic sport, but at the same time he always wanted to show off in front of his colleagues from the team. For example, at the beginning of his career, he specifically played without a protective mask. He was warned that it was very dangerous, but the image was more important for Ovechkin. As a result, five nose fractures. By the way, not only during the game: once Alexander was hit by his own people right during training.

The "old men" just wanted the best

Also, the hockey player remembered hazing in hockey. For example, young athletes could be nailed by both coaches and team old-timers. However, in this way they wanted not to harm, but, on the contrary, to teach the minds of the youngsters, so now Ovechkin is not offended by them.


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