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Alexander Kokorin was convicted for close contact with a minor. What connects a football player and a 15-year-old Internet star?


Alexander makes noise even when he is not playing. Alexander Kokorin has not played football for a long time (the last time he went out for more than 10 minutes back in January) and does not even train with the Fio base, but still continues to excite the public. While in Italy they were discussing a video in which Alexander leaves the training center in a Porsche car with the number "SKA9991", in Russia they paid attention to Kokorin's behavior on social networks.

Yesterday, the striker was noticed in the comments on the account of Tonya Khudyakova, a 15-year-old dancer and daughter of Russian music video director Pavel Khudyakov. The girl published a series of photos that were dedicated to the end of the ninth grade. Kokorin left a note: “I would go to Como, but that’s not all.”



Some users were outraged by this behavior of the 31-year-old footballer. User and_gum wrote: “Right now, an adult man with his family should bomb comments to schoolgirls, and not that’s all.” “Everyone is shocked by what is happening,” boutique_me supported him . Kokorin laughed it off, calling himself a "teenager" @tonyahoodyakova

This is not the first time that Internet users pay attention to the acquaintance of the Russian striker and Khudyakova. In July, the girl posted a photo with Kokorin from vacation. Then the picture caused a stir in social networks.



What connects the divorced Kokorin (the striker broke up with Daria Valitova last year) and the 15-year-old girl? According to Tony herself, Alexander is a friend of the Khudyakov family. She talked about this back in 2018, when the football player was taken into custody as a result of a fight in Coffeemania.

“They don’t put everyone in jail [for fighting]. Why Sasha? He is a close friend of my parents and mine too. I know him well. Sasha is very kind and good. I spent a lot of time with him and he never threw himself at anyone, beat him, or offended anyone. 


Tonya Khudyakova, at the age of 15, has already attracted more than 1 million followers in her personal social networks. In addition, the girl at her young age twice became the world champion in ballroom dancing. Tonya posted Photos on her page not only with Alexander Kokorin - the girl also spent time with Timati and Egor Kreed.


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