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Football player Aleksei Miranchuk's hot girlfriend: who is she?



Aleksei Miranchuk's first season in Italy is coming to an end. During the 8 months of his stay at Atalanta, the Russian footballer never became a base player, but during this time he scored a decent 7 + 2.

Nobel Arustamyan made a film about Miranchuk's life in Bergamo, in which he opened the veil of Alexei's personal life: Alexei does not have to cope with difficulties alone in a new country and league - his girlfriend Elena lives with him in Italy, who studies in the city in a master's degree in marketing.


In addition to studying, Elena is engaged in arranging an Italian apartment, and in her free time she paints pictures with Alexei.


On average, every one and a half months, Elena flies to Moscow. And goes to Milan for a manicure, if she can’t escape to Russia.


Elena admits that life with Alexei has seriously changed after they moved to Italy:

“When Lesha played at Lokomotiv, after training we always went somewhere, did something, watched new places, new leisure activities - we generally love to try new things.

After training at Atalanta, Lesha falls asleep in the first 30 minutes while I am talking to him. Went in, sat down, fell asleep. It doesn't happen otherwise. He is always tired."

Elena explains why she decided to study marketing in Italy:

“When I finished my basic studies, I thought that I would not go further to study - God forbid. I had a pretty tough high school.

When I arrived here, it was hard. When you do a lot of things all your life, it is very difficult not to do anything. This is also stress. Someone will say: “Wow, I moved to Italy, now you don’t work.” But it turned out to be more depressing than if nothing had changed.”


Elena was not happy with the food in Bergamo:

“When you are on vacation, everything is delicious and cool for you. There is no sea near Bergamo: if you want fresh, tasty food, you need to get confused, drive for 15 minutes, buy, cook. There are no such cool deliveries as in Moscow.

This was my biggest stress. I try to eat only healthy food. I haven’t complained about food only for the last month - because I myself got used to it and everyone has already heard my complaints.”


“Bergamo is a really cool place, but Lesha doesn’t have days off so we can travel. He has a big workload, two games a week. If we were ordinary people with a five-by-two job, [this would be easier].

When Lesha plays in the weekly cycle, there is an opportunity to go somewhere, but now all the hotels are closed due to covid.” But in such a company, it is probably much easier for Alexei Miranchuk to survive the quarantine conditions in Italy.


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