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7 Interesting facts from the life of Alexander Ovechkin


1. Alexander the Great

Hockey fans and fans of Alexander Ovechkin know that he has the nickname "Alexander the Great", but only few people know where it came from. Of course, no one will question the fact that Alexander is the greatest player in Russia, playing in the NHL club Washington Capitals at number 8. In the English version, this number is written "eight". But the word "great" in English sounds almost like 8 - "great". It turns out a little pun if you add "gr" to "8". In other words, “great” in English can be written as “Gr8”. Such a small gibberish, but what a deep meaning.



2. Ovechkin floorball player

Now everyone knows a hockey player as a great Russian player playing overseas. But Ovechkin from an early age was a patriot of the Dynamo sports club and always remained faithful to its colors (white and blue). His mother was also a representative of this society, and Alexander spent his entire youth and childhood at the Dynamo hockey school. But few people know an interesting fact from the life of an athlete. In the late 90s, when he had just a little bit left to get into the main team of Dynamo, he was played for Spartak ... floorball club Spartak Moscow. At that time it was a young team, just getting on their feet.



3. Record amount per contract in the NHL

In 2008, the Washington hockey club realizes that it is necessary, by all means, to keep the hockey player in its composition, so the leaders begin to prepare a new contract. By that time, Ovechkin had already become the world champion in the Russian national team, and also earned the title of the most productive player in the National Hockey League. And in general, over the course of ten years, he showed himself only on the good side. Therefore, the leadership of the Capitels decided on a record contract for 13 seasons worth $ 124 million. The player, of course, did not refuse.



4. Fight of two Russian stars

During the game against Pittsburgh in 2008, Alexander Ovechkin decided to go into a tough clash with Yevgeny Malkin, but as a result he found himself on the ice. After the referee stopped the game, Ovechkin decided to deal with the opponent. As a result, it almost came to a fight between two Russian hockey stars. But Alexander managed to get revenge after one year. Not surprisingly, throughout his hockey career, Ovechkin broke his nasal septum five times. But this cannot be compared with the number of noses that the hockey player himself broke.



5. Love for the great

For a long time, information has surfaced in the media that Alexander is meeting with various stars of show business. According to rumors, even Zhanna Friske was his passion. Also, the athlete is credited with a relationship with Victoria Lopyreva and Fergie, the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas. Apparently, from this relationship, he woke up a love for the stage, because Alexander Ovechkin decided to publicly read a rap, and later - starred in a video with Sasha Bely. Viewers on the YouTube portal rated the video, so it got 170 thousand views.



6. To be or not to be? ..

In the family of a hockey player, all athletes. His mother is a famous basketball player at one time, and his father is a former professional footballer who played for Dynamo Moscow. Alexander himself went to the hockey section at the age of 8, but it is worth noting that the boy's parents were against him doing this sport, since hockey has an increased risk of injury. There was even a moment in Alexander's life when he said goodbye to the section, but then the player's coach came to the rescue, who convinced his parents to let his son go to training again. As a result, now fans can see Ovechkin on the ice and enjoy his game.



7. Most productive

According to the results of the season of the National Hockey League, the most productive player is awarded the Maurice Richard Trophy Cup of honor. In the spring of 2013, Adeksander Ovechkin lifted him over his head for the third time, as he became the best sniper in the championship. It is worth noting that there is another hockey player's record here - he became the only athlete who managed to win this trophy three times over the course of thirteen years (in 2008, 2009 and 2013). 2014 was no exception - this season Ovechkin deservedly received the Maurice Richard Trophy for the fourth time.



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