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43 foot size and five more unknown facts from the life of Maria Sharapova


Her career is covered by the most famous world media, we decided to talk about five not-so-famous facts from the life of a Russian beauty.

Maria Sharapova has a completely non-feminine - 43rd foot size.

Picking up shoes and sneakers of this size is very difficult, so it is not surprising that Sharapova's list of the most annoying things includes the lack of suitable shoes in the store.

Working with Timberlake and LeBron James

Maria has her own top people with whom she would like to work together. In the first place in this rating is the American designer Tom Ford, in the second - the singer and producer Justin Timberlake.

But the forward of "Miami" LeBron James in this list only on the seventh line. Maybe because they have already met, taking part in a joint photo shoot.

For almost every part of the season, Maria Sharapova receives new dresses from her sponsors. Later they go on sale, but only the Russian woman plays in them.

However, there are among the "new items" and, as they say, conveyor models from a special line of Maria. Sharapova chooses who can play in them. At Wimbledon 2012, for example, a native of Nyagan “dressed” Sofia Arvidsson, Iveta Beneshova, Indy de Vroom and Andrea Glavachkova.

Maria Sharapova is not like Yuri Zhirkov's wife Inna, who was unable to answer a few simple questions in an interview - the Russian woman loves to read.

The books she has read include The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Lawyer by John Grisham and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

She has earned more than the most female athletes

For the past seven years, Maria has consistently become the highest paid female athlete by Forbes magazine.

And it doesn't matter what place she was in the WTA rankings, played or was injured.

In 2012, her annual earnings were estimated at $ 27.9 million per year.

Everyone knows that Maria is screaming on the court, but this is how she screams ... The power of Sharapova's screaming at the highest point is 105 decibels. This record was recorded in 2009. If for comparison, then such a screaming force is almost equal to a working jet engine.


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