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Why this house in the woods is the most popular on Airbnb

Rental service Airbnb named the most popular place in Atlanta

According to the online-platform list for accommodation, search for housing and short term rentals Airbnb, the most desired destination for tourists was the simple wooden house, located in a forest in Atlanta.

The charming house consists of three separate rooms, connected by rope bridges. It is designed for two visitors. This place was the most frequently added to the "wish list".

House for rent for two days. For one night, landlords will require $ 375. Visitors are given a double bedroom, a living room with antique furniture and so-called deck with a hammock and darts.

Despite external quality of the house, there are certain disadvantages, such as lack of bathroom, heating or air conditioning, so you have to  choose time of year better.

Despite this, users who have visited the forest house, rated it 4.5 stars.

"It was a great time when I drank coffee every day under the 160-year-old pine trees" 

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