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Why Anna Sedokova is forced to live in a hotel?


Singer Anna Sedokova returned to Moscow. The artist alarmed fans with news about her new life. Followers suggested that the singer had separated from her husband, basketball player Janis Timma. Anna Sedokova returned to Moscow and is forced to live in a hotel.

Anna posted a new photo on her personal blog. In the photo, Sedokova lies next to her son Hector. The artist took a new shot when she checked into a hotel room in Moscow.

"This is us. We don't have an apartment, a car, a nanny or a school yet. But then there is us. And that means we will find everything. There is a very interesting life ahead and new turns,” Anna captioned the photo.

Sedokova also noted that she will break through everywhere, because she has a brain, a profession, a desire and the opportunity to work.


At the end, Anna called herself and her family strong. Photo: Instagram 

Anna lives in America, but conducts concert and creative activities in Russia. Her little son Hector asks his mother when they will buy a Lamborghini. Sedokova told her son that she was still earning money for the heir’s dream.

Fans suggested that Anna had started a new life in Russia. In her message, she never mentioned her husband Janis. For a long time they lived in the USA, where Timma tried to find work. For a comfortable life over the hill, Sedokova sold an apartment in Moscow, which she took out on a mortgage. Before this, Anna planned to buy a home in the USA, but did not tell her fans about the purchase. A basketball player publishes a video on his personal blog from a park where he walks dogs. Let us remind you that Anna Sedokova lost seven kilograms by giving up alcohol.


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