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Top 3 favorite hotels of Géraldine Guyot, Where where the wife of The Super Rich LVMH heir Alexandre Arnault Loves To Stay


This week, we asked Géraldine Guyot to name 3 places that particularly surprised her. 

Created in 2016 by Géraldine Guyot and Laetitia Lumbroso, D'Estrëe is a Parisian brand of women's ready-to-wear and accessories that has managed, in just a few years, to bring together a solid community of artists and talents, while creating ingenious synergies with the world of art. Two years ago, Géraldine Guyot settled in New York with the ambition of deploying D'Estrëe on the American market. Bet paid off: the success of the label is such that a fundraiser with an assembly 100% female is carried out in the spring of 2022. Jessica Alba, Beyoncé , or Gisèle Bündchen (to name a few…), support actively the brand and its concept.

In Paris the first D'Estrëe boutique opened its doors in a sublime design setting, nestled in the first arrondissement. And Simone Bodmer-Turner, sculptor, has added her stone to the building by importing her creative universe and her stylistic signature into the heart of this first store that looks like an Art gallery. 

It is in the excitement of this lovely news that we asked Géraldine Guyot to entrust us with her 3 most beautiful addresses to escape for a weekend, to recharge your batteries, and possibly be in contact with any art form... 


A Home, à Stockholm, en Suède

“A world full of charm, old-fashioned hospitality, the feeling of a large Swedish family home (“ett hem” means “the house” in Swedish) decorated with exquisite taste and extraordinary attention to detail. A warm cocoon where each object seems to have been chosen with the greatest care”, confides Géraldine, won over by the authentic atmosphere of this majestic red brick residence.

Ett Hem , Sköldungatan 2, 114 27 Stockholm, Suède, 


Fife Arms

Fife Arms, Braemar, Scotland

Located in a small village on the banks of the River Dee, Braemer has all the chic of the Scottish countryside , much loved by the royal family.

"Transformed by Hauser & Wirth, this hotel-museum recalls the setting of a haunted dungeon whose breathtaking collection of contemporary art blends wonderfully with a Victorian setting, all this in a setting with unique lights and a thousand landscapes", describes Géraldine to us . Guyot clearly caught up in the charm and crazy character of this timeless place.

Fife arms, Mar Rd, Braemar, Ballater AB35 5YN, Royaume-Uni,


The Bastide of Gordes, in the Luberon

No need to introduce you to the Bastide de Gordes , perched 50 minutes from Avignon. It's hard to get tired of its breathtaking view of the Lubéron and the Alpilles.

According to Géraldine Guyot, La Bastide de Gordes is quite simply one of the most beautiful hotels: " I fell in love with the Luberon a few years ago, this old bastide, endowed with a sumptuous Provençal decor, as if suspended in time, and dominating the village of Gordes from the top of its cliff is for me one of the most beautiful hotels there is” .

La Bastide de Gordes , 61 Rue de la Combe, 84220 Gordes,

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