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Naomi Campbell was not allowed into the hotel because of her skin color


The 49-year-old model said that she was not allowed into the hotel because of her skin color. The guards stopped the star at the entrance, stating that there were no empty seats in the room where the party was taking place. When they began to let other visitors there, Naomi began to scandal.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell's role in the fight for racial equality cannot be overemphasized. The model was the first black girl to appear on the covers of French Vogue and American Time. She has always prided herself on her ethnicity, but faced racism a few months ago. During the Cannes Film Festival, Naomi and her friend decided to attend a party at one of the local hotels. However, the guards, stopping them at the entrance, said that there were no empty seats in the institution. At the same time, fair-skinned visitors were allowed into the hotel territory. Realizing that her rights were infringed due to racial prejudice, Naomi made a scandal.

“This humiliating and disgusting incident reminded me that the fight for equal rights is not over yet. I will continue to talk about myself to help the new generation of fashion models, ”the star emphasized.

The model, in her youth, fought against the stereotypes of the fashion industry. At the same time, Campbell did not name the hotel in which the scandal occurred. Many fans of the model were embarrassed by this story, because Naomi is popular and known all over the world, which means that the likelihood that she will be humiliated on the basis of race is extremely small. However, the star is sure that the quarrel with the guards happened precisely because of xenophobia.

Now the scandalous fashion model rarely walks the runway. Naomi devotes most of her time to charity and social projects. At the same time, she helps young talented models start their careers in the industry. “I tell the girls that they shouldn't let anyone underestimate them. You need to be strong and courageous in this work, surrounding yourself with reliable people, ”the star emphasized. DON'T MISS Naomi Campbell showed how she looks without a wig

In 2018, Naomi, along with other models of the 90s, took to the catwalk during the Versace show Campbell always had a scandalous reputation. The model repeatedly got into fights with the service staff. So, in 2006, she hit a maid in the head with a mobile phone. A couple of years later, the model was arrested on suspicion of assaulting airport workers.

Naomi doesn't like to comment on past mistakes. In an interview with Paris Match, the model admitted that with age, she became much more tolerant of other people's shortcomings. However, she is not ready to put up with signs of racism and hatred, so she will continue to talk about modern problems of society.


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