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Monica Bellucci arranged a date with Tim Burton in a five-star hotel in Paris


Celebrities do not confirm relationships that last more than a month. But this does not prevent the paparazzi from taking pictures of a couple in love.

Monica Bellucci arranged a date with Tim Burton in a five-star hotel in Paris 

There is more and more Iinformation about the romance of 58-year-old actress Monica Bellucci and 64-year-old film director Tim Burton, although the stars have not made any statements and have not officially confirmed the relationship. However, the other day Bellucci and Burton were seen together again - this time in Paris. Celebrities stayed at a five-star hotel, though still trying to keep their intimate relationship a secret - leaving the Ritz, Monica left first, and Tim followed her.


Monica Bellucci arranged a date with Tim Burton in a five-star hotel in Paris Tim Burton is happy in a relationship with a new lover

At the end of February, the actress and director were seen in Madrid. There, the presence of warm feelings between them was read without words - the couple walked together, unambiguously holding hands, and at the same time looked very harmonious and happy. And on Valentine's Day, the paparazzi caught them kissing passionately. According to anonymous insiders close to the celebrities, they have been dating for four months.

Bellucci and Burton have known each other for over 15 years. But their romance allegedly began in October, after they were together in Lyon for the Lumiere Brothers Film Festival. On that day, the director accepted the award from the hands of Monica, and then they talked backstage, as reported by foreign tabloids. 

Bellucci was previously married to actor Vincent Cassel, whom she divorced in 2013. The couple have two daughters. After the divorce, the actress met with the young artist Nicolas Lefebvre - she broke up with him in 2019.

Tim Burton was in a long-term relationship with actress Helena Bonham Carter. They were together for 13 years - from 2001 to 2014, managed to get engaged, but never registered a marriage. Helena was Burton's muse, starred in many of his films and bore him a son and daughter.

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