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Diana Vishneva in Metropol Moscow Hotel

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During a Festival of Theatre and Dance, organized by the Foundation of Diana Vishneva, the “Metropol Moscow Hotel” has become home to many dancers who participated in this great action.

The proximity of the Bolshoi Theatre to the "Metropol Moscow Hotel" plays a special role. Although the theater was constructed 80 years earlier, they have become twinned buildings, as they are all connected to one another through the subtle threads of history and culture. Everybody will be impressed by the list of past and present celebrities who stayed at the “Metropol Moscow Hotel”: Chalyapin sang here and ballet dancer Anna Pavlova lived out of a hotel once.. Among the most famous foreign guests were Pierre Richard, Pierre Cardin, Roberto Cava and many others. This Creation continues to please the eye of the guests of suites and hall "Brusov", where the famous Sunday lunches take place.

Ballet has always been Russian national pride, but we have to realize that the concept of borders, particularly national, is a fairly loose term. Internet has erased borders, becoming a social platform, where the word "limited" only applies to the circle of "friends". However, no name, perhaps, is more intimately associated with the united space for arts and ballet, in particular, than that of dancer Diana Vishneva. In December, 2013 the theater and dance festival, organized by Diana Vishneva was a unanimous critical and commercial success.

"Metropol Moscow Hotel" has become home to many dancers who participated in this great action. "Metropol Moscow Hotel" suggested Diana, who had become a friend of the hotel, the brand ambassador status, securing suites, which she has chosen, to her. We share photos of an elegant 3305-th suit, where Diana lived for the last time. In fact, it is the favorite hotel of all true lovers of history and art with a sophisticated taste.

All rooms are equipped with antique furniture. The "Metropol Moscow Hotel" is particularly proud of its excellent system of lighting, every suit is crowned by a magnificent chandelier with six arms in the form of stems, bifurcated at the ends. Marine landscape by a famous Soviet artist Pavel Sokolov-Scal. Lovers of culture will appreciate the elegant East Chinese vases. But the base of the table lamp on the desk - the same vase, but typically European. On the lamp platform - the image of a gallant scene in the spirit of the XVIII century: the gentleman with a lady. Vase handles made in a form of a bronze female heads. But the main decoration of rooms - coffered ceiling in the Art Nouveau style (caisson - groove on the ceiling) with a unique painting of the beginning of XX century by the artist Sergei Caisson.


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