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Bali care at Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg

Massages on aromamaslah, wrap with fruit and a gas-liquid peeling for New Year's Eve

If it was not possible to go to Bali during the high season, the crown peels, masks, body wraps and massages the island can be found in St. Petersburg. There Lotte Hotel opened Mandara Spa with a special philosophy of beauty and technicians, specialists brought from Bali. There is a spa on three fragrant brands Elemis, Germaine de Capuccini, Comfort Zone and using fresh fruit. The complex has a steam shower, bubbling bath gidroprotsedury and equipment for specialized facials and body treatments. Bali care Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg

To prepare for the New Year's Eve, we suggest that salt peeling with lime and ginger body and a gas-liquid - for the face. The latter is not peeling in the conventional sense. During it you will feel only a trickle sprayed under high pressure drops. During the procedure, lymph, tissue oxygen saturation, and blood circulation improved supply of nutrients. It is absolutely painless and quick way to clean the skin, moisturize, give it a healthy appearance and smooth out fine wrinkles.

Bali care Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg

To make the skin shone, try a facial treatment with vitamin C or wrap "Frangipani" for the body. Exotic aroma oils nourish the skin and make it velvety. Now, a deep neckline and a dress with a bare back - your main weapon.

Bali care Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg 


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